Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Toy Story 3

Owesome movie!
I'm gonna be as brave as Woody!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Updates after final

Current fav pic

This is the updates after final...TAX OH TAX...
I don't have the confident at all on this paper. Bad feelings! Why must u give us so hard questions?I *cross fingers* FOR A PASS IN TAX.
Right after tax paper, as usual our gangs will sit down and talk and talk and no suggestions at all. Finally Yee Ching voice out and say let's go put OUR 3 HEAVY MTG books in the car and off everyone to car park. And when we were all in basement, still undecided between GP and Queens and again we stand in front of the cars and talk and finally we decided to go GP. Because everyone is bored of Queens. Off we went to queens. We had our lunch in a taiwan restaurant. Ken, ai lynn and I had mini steamboat and basically ai lynn and i kept on ate the cabbages thanks to Ken. Then after lunch,sheralyn,carlyn,kiew and lion went to redbox whereas ken, ai lynn and I went to watch Sex and The City 2. The movie is so funny and i love some of their dresses. I wish i had their wardrobe *dreaming*

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Updates before final

First, I would like to introduce to everyone that this is my new niece in Khaw Family. She is currently staying in my house during weekdays. Her name is Xin Ni and she is only 2 months old. But trust me, she doesn't seems like 2 months baby. She is hyperactive with all her "talking" and "kicking". Isn't she adorable? I know i neglect my blog and it's dead. I promise I will update my blog as frequent as I can after my final. The latest event was Ai Lynn's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AI LYNN <3
Those who were present were as below:

Chia Yi
Yee Ching
Shun Mu and Ken
This muffin picture is to remind me about something we did on last mon. John,sm,lion,me and kiew went to kenny rogers juz to eat the muffins and my fren was the waiteress there. So when i order:
Karen: 5 chocolate raisins muffins pls.
Izzati:No order things?NO drinks or chickens or anything?
Karen:No, only 5 muffins
*is the most embarass moment i had. Go to kenny kenny rogers juz to eat the muffins instead of the chicken.
Ai Lynn's birthday cake
LASTLY, the birthday girl :D
Kiew's special hand made birthday card!

Friday, April 2, 2010

March & April

I shall officially update my blog. Even though i dunno how many people did actually read my blog but i shall update it incase when i getting older i couldn't remember what had happen in pasts!


What have i did in March? I attended Horror Feasts. The second event in INTI that i went after PROM last year. An applause and thumbs up to all the committee members of SOBA for make it a success. You all did a very great job. Besides that, the most important thing happen in MARCH is i officially drive to college. Means i officially get a P from my mum. Even though i do not drive everyday but there is a feel of satisfaction in myself and i was so happy on that day (31/3/2010). Last day of MARCH :)


On April Fool i successfully fool Ken and Lay Kiew but being fool by Lion twice! 2/4/2010 I passed up my business plan and this means i am free from doin the business plan anymore and don't have to think the figures anymore and the business strategies and bla bla bla. After class at 10am today, we went to watch How To Train Your Dragon. Is a very worth movie to watch eventhough is a cartoon movie. I shall have Toothless as my pet in future hahahaha.

one more thing:pls take note that whenever you all are watching movie in GSC Qb, pls remember to count the change return to you by the counter. They sometimes might return u less change. Therefore, end up i watch a movie for RM20. Unprofessional GSC counter people.

*Sorry lack update on March because i couldn't remember what else happen in early of March.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


College life getting more and more tiring. Why do i complain tired??because my classes finsh at 6pm everyday except wed. I am mentally and physically exhausted like an old person haha. I already start complaining on my 3rd day of class then how am i suppose to survive when all the books are here and i SUPPOSE TO START STUDY SERIOUSLY??
I nees something to make me relax. Something that is nice and comfortable
When i holiday for 2 months i eager to go back college/ then when i go back to college, i complain too tiring.

*I'm waiting for this sat! An event that won't make me tired instead is an event that i will enjoy it :D

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Year Anniversary.
Will always love you
*hugs and kisses*
Will always appreciate our relationship
And sorry for those quarrels and "the time where u kena buta"
I love you!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Finally finish the last paper which is LAW. Suffered for few weeks for this paper.
A lot of plans and activities in my mind.